Water properties sensing research (September 2009 – December 2013)

Project description

The brain bridge project is water properties sensing research. The project objective is to develop a new way to measure the water properties with high selectivity, no maintenance requirement and non-pollution. To reach this objective, we have found a breakthrough point from the drawbacks of conventional three-electrode system and achieve great progress. That is two-electrode system we have focused on. We have developed the new two-electrode system with active carbon,which is suitable for domestic use.Besides, We have already completed the design of workstation and two electrode system.It can realize multiple methodologies measurement.In our homemade electrochemical workstation, with active carbon as counter electrode and different working electrode, we can measure many important ions in water,such as  pH、 mineral ions and heavy metal.All in all,our project  progress  is helpful for “Perfect Water” project, aiming to develop new technologies to adjust water properties (pH, ions and molecules) to deliver optimal benefits for the target use.

Project Participants

Main results (publications, patents)

  Title journal Detail Level IF(2014) Author
1 Determination of trace mercury in water based on two-electrode system Journal of Zhejiang University(Engineering Science) 48(2),297-302 EI CAI Pei-jun, DENG Zhi-yin, WANG Xiao-ping
2 Research on characteristics and applications of novel all-solid-state electrode in two-electrode system Journal of Zhejiang University(Engineering Science) 48(8),1517-1521 EI LI Ya-zhuo , WANG Guang-wei , JIN Jian-yu , CAI Pei-jun , WANG Xiao-ping
3 ion-selective detection of cations and anions by using pulsed amperometric two-electrode system



2014 (1) 12-16

first grade LI Ya-zhuo , WANG Guang-wei , JIN Jian-yu , WANG Xiao-ping
4 Study on pH determination based on voltammetric ion-selective electrode CHINA MEASUREMENT & TESTING 40(1),47-50 core journals LI Ya-zhuo, WANG Xiao-ping, WANG Guang-wei
5 Using active carbin as counter electrodes: A two-electrode configuration for pulse amperometric detection Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2013 (705)


Top-SCI 2.871 Yazhuo Li, Guangwei Wang, Jianyu Jin, Xiaoping Wang

The application of frequency and amplitude response spectroscopy analyzing


2010 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference  

Austin, TX, USA, May 2010, p. 335-338.





Xu, Li (1); Zhang, Ying-Qiang (1); Zhan, Shu-Yue (1); Wang, Xiao-Ping (1)

7 The design of multi-parameter detection platform of drinking water based on two-electrode voltammetry Advanced Sensor Systems and Applications V  







Homemade electrochemical workstation

Two-electrode System with single working electrode

Two-electrode System with fourworking electrodes             Active carbon electrode

New Detection Concept